Monday, July 18, 2016

What You Need To Know About Wiener Dog

Going into the theater to watch this film, I only knew of the cast and the basic idea of the plot, not seeing the trailer prior. While watching this film, I didn't really laugh at the humorous parts, as well as wanting the film to end because it was too awkward for me. The conversations between the characters are indeed awkward and sometimes a bit outrageous, but at the end of the film, I knew there was something more to the film considering it's irony. 

There are four acts within the film, along with a very cute intermission after the first two acts. As each act passes, the new owners of the dog are older. We start with a young cancer survivor boy and end with an older women (Ellen Burstyn) who basically wants to die. The film actually doesn't revolve much around the dog itself and more so with her owners. If you are sensitive to graphic images or an animal lover it may be important that you read the following *spoiler* that a dog gets run over by a car. 

The film may seem cynical with it's humor so dark that it's almost not even funny, but there is a reason why the film appears pessimistic. Each act deals with a sense of death, mortality, and making choices that can change your life. I am not sure exactly what Todd Solondz is saying with his film, but I guess he is making fun of the absurdity in the way people live their lives. 

There is probably a guarantee that this film will shock you while watching it. I most likely won't see this film again for a while, but I can't deny how oddly good it is in comparison to a lot of other films with it's originality and liveliness it has. 

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