My Favorite Films

A good way to get to know me is by sharing my top ten favorite films at the moment. At the moment? Saying my favorite films of all-time is a bit steep for me, mainly because my mind always changes and there are so many films I haven't seen yet that might make the list in the future. This was quite hard due to all the great films I've seen so far, but down below are ten films that I currently enjoy. Note that I don’t necessarily have these films numbered, so my more favorable are towards the bottom of the list.

Elephant, 2003, Gus Van Sant

Funny Games, 2007, Michael Haneke

The Darjeeling Limited, 2007, Wes Anderson

Lost Highway, 1997, David Lynch

Somewhere, 2010, Sofia Coppola

American Psycho, 2000, Mary Harron

Clueless, 1995, Amy Heckerling

Boyhood, 2014, Richard Linklater

21 Jump Street, 2012, Chris Miller and Phil Lord

2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968, Stanley Kubrick

Spring Breakers, 2013, Harmony Korine


  1. You've got some great films on this list! But I can't understand Funny Games. My stomach churns whenever I think about it. Love that Darjeeling and Clueless is on your list. Those are two films I could watch on a loop.

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear we enjoy some of the same films! I deff understand that most people dislike Funny Games, I actually plan on writing about it soon.