My Favorite Films

A good way to get to know me is knowing my top ten favorite films at the moment. At the moment? Saying my favorite films of all-time is a bit steep for me, mainly because my mind always changes and there are so many films I haven't seen yet that might make the list in the future. I have updated my list, they are basically the films found in My Favorite 2016 Films and My Favorite Films of 2017 post, but I curated them together on here. 


Separated into three acts, the film shows three defining stages of a man's life. Moonlight doesn’t tell us what Chiron is feeling, we can see it and feel it ourselves.The film is so subtle, but powerful and emotional. This is a film that my words could never do justice on the film's beauty and it is something you have to watch yourself.


Like most sci-fi films, it goes beyond science and is actually a reflection of our society. Apart from aliens invading Earth, Arrival is about humans communicating with one another and the importance of doing so. At the end, there is a stunning plot twist that shows how brave Louise (Amy Adams) is and how significant she is to the mission. Such a defining film of the science fiction genre.

Atomic Blonde

Indeed it is a very stylish film with a fun soundtrack, but my favorite parts are that most of the fighting scenes are realistic and how bad-ass Charlize Theron's character is. It is a perfect example of how all action movies should be made. 

Get Out

This is a very complex story that requires you to pay close attention to its details, also involving many plot twists. Daniel Kaluuya's performance is astonishing and it's a pretty emotional film. 

Call Me By Your Name

There is a good reason why everyone, including myself, is obsessed with Timothée Chalamet, I don't think I can think of a better performance from another actor. His character goes through many emotions in the film, especially the last scene, and my weird observation about Timothée's performance was how he also used his body to portray his character's personality. Besides the performances, everything else was perfect: the music, cinematography, wardrobe, and the story.

Previously on my list: Elephant, Funny Games, Darjeeling Limited, Somewhere, Lost Highway, Clueless, Boyhood, 2001: A Space Odyssey, 21 Jump Street, and Spring Breakers.


  1. You've got some great films on this list! But I can't understand Funny Games. My stomach churns whenever I think about it. Love that Darjeeling and Clueless is on your list. Those are two films I could watch on a loop.

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear we enjoy some of the same films! I deff understand that most people dislike Funny Games, I actually plan on writing about it soon.