Wednesday, February 3, 2016

In The World Of: The Big Lebowski

Props can be an important tool to create a world within a film, making the film unique, as well as props being a narrative tool. To become apart of the world in The Big Lebowski, one must abide to these rules:
Rule #1 Buy a rug because they really tie the room together   
Rule #2 Cowichan sweaters are very fashionable                        
Rule #3 Paint your toes green incase you want to chop it off later     
Rule #4 Get some stylish shades to cover up your red-shot eyes or your hangover  
Rule #5 Take up bowling as a serious hobby, but watch out for Jesus because NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE JESUS
Rule #6 Always have a White Russian in your hand                                 
Rule #7 Having jellies on your feet is a must
Rule #8 Marmots are great bath time buddies.

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